KCR: In Hung .. We are the King

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Hung up at the centre..! No party is likely to get a majority. If there’s a hung house.. We will be the king ourselves. Narendra Modi will not get more than 200 seats says KCR.

Don’t let go of this knee.. Give 14-15 seats

We are the ones who turn the wheel at the center

We are the ones who fight until the intestines are cut off

to the prisons. Am I afraid of the tail?

Would Telangana have come if you were afraid?

My eggs are plucked.. Cheddi will be snatched away

Is this the language spoken by the CM?

BRS chief KCR at Warangal roadshow

Comment on by-election to Ghanpur in three months

Achhe din is not what the BJP has said. Sachhedin

Conspiracy to divert Godavari water Fire on Modi

Warangal: “What comes at the Centre is hung..! No party is likely to get a majority. If there’s a hung house.. We will be the king ourselves. Narendra Modi will not get more than 200 seats. If there are 14-15 MP seats in Telangana in this moka (opportunity). We are the ones who fight till the intestines are cut off,” said BRS chief Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao. If it becomes crucial at the centre. We can fight for the rights of Telangana. He was speaking at the BRS roadshow at Hanumakonda Chowrasta on Sunday night.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is conspiring to divert Godavari water to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. He questioned the rationale behind the state government sitting with its mouth shut. “Krishna water has already been handed over to KMBR. If we vote for the BJP, we will be deceived. The Congress has not kept its promises,” he said. Who is the punch that fights on behalf of the people? KCR asked.

The people replied, “You are you.” TO THIS, KCR responded. “I was overthrown in the elections the other day. Do you want to be a ‘punch’ again now? If so.. I’ll fight only if you give me strength. Sudhir Kumar should win the next elections.” “THE BJP is a dangerous party. Ten years ago, he had promised to bring back black money and deposit Rs 15 lakh each in jan dhan accounts.

It was criticized that it did not happen. Amrit’s call.. “Achhe din did not come, but Sachhedin came,” he said. If a coach factory comes to Kazipet. The Prime Minister has moved it to his home state. The rupee has depreciated drastically and 18 lakh central government jobs are lying vacant. He alleged that there was no replacement.

Anger against CM Revanth

KCR expressed his anger against CM Revanth Reddy. “If our MLAs stand up on promises in the Assembly… KCR.. I’ll pluck your eggs and play marbles, he said. He said he would take out the intestines and put them on his neck. Even my cheddi will be crushed, he said. Did I say such things when I was cm for 10 years? Have you ever heard such words in my mouth? Is this the language spoken by the CM?” He recalled that the CM was saying that he would be put in Cherlapally jail.

“Go to jails.. Am I afraid of the tail? If KCR is afraid of jails, will Telangana come? How many blows have we suffered for Telangana? How many hunger strikes have we undertaken? How many resignations have we made?


How many times have we thrown positions like a left-footed slipper? If we’re afraid.. Will Telangana come?” he asked. Revanth does not know the history and geography of Telangana. Recently, he said that he had built the Krusha river himself, will anyone build rivers anywhere? He asked. Revanth’s comments have been brutally trolled on social media. Stating that the Telangana movement is not over, he called for another movement to rebuild the state.

Congress’s promises

“If a woman picks up and gets a mogudi… You’re going to jump..! What is happening if you trust and vote for the Congress, which has made false promises? What has happened to Telangana in four months? Where has the electricity gone? What happened to the irrigation water? Why are the crops drying up? Why is there a shortage of drinking water? Would it have been all this in ten years?

The Congress alone has not implemented a single promise,” he said. Will the rythu bandhu come? Are you giving Rs 2,500 to women? He asked the people. We have spent Rs 30,000 crore. “What happened to the Congress’ promise of waiving loans up to Rs 1 lakh and the Congress’ promise of waiving loans up to Rs 2 lakh?

By-election in three months

KCR criticized kadiyam Srihari for burying his political life permanently for the fraud committed by him. In the next three months, as per the Supreme Court verdict, a by-election to station Ghanpur constituency will not be held. Rajaiah said that he would not be an MLA.

Today and tomorrow in the joint Khammam..

KCR’s bus yatra will be held on Monday and Tuesday in the combined Khammam district.

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