A bit of fashion, a bit of regret

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Thakur Balaji Singh, in a special interview with the representative of Chaithanyagalam, said that the developments that led to the contest from the level of MLA candidate to ZPTC and the progress achieved in five years of public life as the vice chairman of Nagar Kurnool ZP, and the experiences are a little sad and a little regretful.

The previous government’s attitude towards local bodies was lip service.

Also gave up the green cards of countries like Singapore and Canada with the intention of serving the Telangana movement and the people.

Will you reach the highest political heights? Or will they get stuck in the quagmire of social equations like in the previous government?

Members of local bodies should be given full freedom

Balaji said that due to the excessive interference of MLAs in the previous government, public issues were not discussed in ZP meetings

Telangana development led by Revanth Reddy

In the words of Balaji Singh about his achievements and public life as Vice Chairman of Nagarkurnool ZP…

Hyderabad (Chaitanyagalam): Thakur Balajeesingh opened his mind in a special interview given to Chaitanya Galam daily in the background of the end of his tenure as Nagar Kurnool ZDP Vice Chairman on July 4. On this occasion, he shared his experiences from the time he joined the Telangana movement till today. He also canceled the green cards of himself and his family members in Singapore, sold his company and house and joined the TRS party at KCR’s call.

If the Telangana movement is going on in the state of Telangana, the movement will only gain momentum. Many programs were organized. Lands and properties were also sold for the movement. A momentum was brought to the movement in the joint Palamuru.

After the Telangana movement, KCR announced in several public meetings that Balaji Singh Kalvakurti will win as the MLA from Palamuru in the general election in 2014 with a majority of 80 to 90 thousand crores. Moreover, he also announced that the first MLA ticket from the district is Balaji’s. He explained the reasons and consequences.

Jaipal Yadav who joined TRS from Telugu Desam as a sitting MLA convinced KCR Balaji Singh that it was inevitable that the ticket should be allotted and the ticket was allotted to Jaipal Yadav. Although he agreed to it, Jaipal Yadav opened up to bad publicity that he had agreed to give ticket to Balaji Singh because he had given money to Balaji Singh.

Balaji said that Jaipal Yadav was limited to the fifth position because he was in the contests because he had to contest as an independent in mandatory situations. After that, KCR who won the election in 2014 took the reins as the Chief Minister of Telangana. During his visit to Singapore as Chief Minister, Balaji Singh called him and asked him to strengthen the government by saying that he needs a partner in the government to work for the party, so Balaji Singh returned to TRS.

He said that from 2014 to 2018, many service programs were undertaken in the name of Balaji Charitable Trust. After the re-distribution of districts after the formation of the state, RDO division was formed, but the rulers of that time showed a stubborn hand to Kalwakurthy, so JAC was formed under the aegis of Akhilpaksha with the aim of achieving RDO division. The movement in the Kalwakurthy area was raging.

At that time, in order to increase pressure on the government, Balaji singh issued an ultimatum to the government that he would commit suicide if the division of the RDO’s life was not announced within two days. The ministers immediately responded and informed KCR about the matter. It is a well-known fact that the government immediately discussed the problem in detail with the committee and announced the RDO division. He recalled the events on this occasion.


Balaji Singh explained how he convinced KTR to get 15 crore rupees for the development of Kalvakurti Municipality. In 2018, KCR and KTR appeased Balaji, who considered Kalvakurti to be the ticket for the development, and the ZP chairman assured Jaipal Yadav that the responsibility of victory was placed on Balaji’s shoulders Upon entering Balajeesingh reminded that KCR trampled on the promise of ZP Chairman.

Jaipal Yadav said that he had reconciled with the vice chairman of the ZP because the reservations were not suitable, and Jaipal Yadav was obstructing him at every step. Balaji Singh said that the support of the people of Charakonda will never be forgotten. Balaji Singh said that Jaipal Yadav made great efforts to register cases against him, Jaipal Yadav made great efforts to register cases against him, and that he was also put to many difficulties.

Chaitanya Galam said in an interview that since it was a new district, there was not even a Zilla Parishad building, and the then government showed extreme discrimination as SC Reserve ZP spent six months in a temporary building somewhere in a pond. He said that after fighting for almost a year, they were allotted an office and they were helpless because they wanted to be a part of the development of the district with the funds of the Zilla Parishad. He lamented that the local organizations were completely crippled by the royal rule, which is the ruling party in name, and he complained that the TRS won only as an official party without any powers.

He expressed his anger that the local organizations were suppressed during the rule of KCR and the system was completely fragmented. He said that even though a lot should be done for the people, justice was not done to the full extent with the attitude of the government of the time. For some reasons, Balaji Singh also served as the in-charge chairman of the ZP for a month, and when he wanted to discuss public issues in the JT meetings, the MLAs of the previous government suppressed the voices of the JPTC with the interference of the MPs.

Due to KCR’s dictatorial attitude and Jaipal Yadav’s actions by the government, he resigned from TRS and joined the Congress party, and that party honored him with the post of the state representative, with the determination that the people should be freed from the dictator’s rule at any cost. And Kalvakurthi played a key role in the victories of Acchampeta Nagar Kurnool MLAs.

Balaji KCR destroyed the TRS with his ego and the verdict given by the people in the previous parliament election is an example that TRS has fallen to 16% vote share and did not win a single seat. Balaji Singh expressed confidence that Telangana will develop in all sectors as people’s governance is being provided under the leadership of Revanth Reddy.

Revanth, the darling of Palamuru, is the chief minister and he has given special attention to the development of Kalvakurti constituency. Land survey for Skill Development Center will continue soon. Balajeesing said that they will ask the government. Balajeesingh said that he will go to any length for the development of the region for the people of Kalwakurti region and is ready to make any sacrifice and will be available to the people 24 hours a day.

He reiterated that the development of Kalwakurthy region is his goal. He said that the local institutions were lost due to the dictatorial attitude of the previous government and that democracy will be preserved under the leadership of Revanth Reddy. The KCR government also diverted the mineral fund given to ZP and KCR gets the credit of turning South Telangana into a desert. said that it was allocated only for Kaleshwaram but now the project has become questionable.

When asked whether he was satisfied as the Vice Chairman of ZPTC, he expressed his dissatisfaction that due to the unintended dictatorial attitude of the KCR government, the MLAs of that time did not appoint a development committee for the district government hospital, saying that they would build the Gokaram reservoir and leaving the work unfinished, the lives of the people there were damaged. He assured that Revanth Reddy will solve the problem soon as he has brought the issue of kukaram to the attention of the Chief Minister.

He said that the KCR government was negligent in paying the compensation to the land displaced people of Kalvakurti Lift Irrigation. When the Congress government came to power, Revanth Reddy had almost paid the compensation dues of the land displaced people. He said that the Mana Sand Vahan program started with the implementation of IAS Mano Choudhary was successful. Balajeesingh, Member of Telangana State Pollution Control Board and Vice Chairman of Nagar Kurnool ZP, said that the five-year tenure is a bit too much with the attitude of the previous government.

When asked whether he will contest the general elections in 2028, he replied that he would work as a disciplined Congress worker under the leadership of Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and that he would carry out any responsibility given to him by the party efficiently. Kalwakurthy has once again stated that his aim is to improve the constituency.

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