Kasireddy 60 asked the government to modernize Amangal Hospital

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MLA Kasireddy asked the government to complete the unfinished works of the KLI D82 canal provide irrigation to the designated area, and upgrade and modernize the Amangal hospital to 100 beds.

Kalwakurty MLA Kasireddy Narayana Reddy asked the government to complete the unfinished works of the D82 canal and provide irrigation to the designated area.

He stated that the Telangana government’s target will not be fulfilled due to the incomplete works that have spent crores of rupees on the construction of the canal. MLA Kasireddy mentioned many problems in the Kalvakurti constituency during the assembly budget meetings on Friday.

He said that the construction of the D.82 canal was undertaken in 2017 to provide irrigation water to 35 acres in Veldanda, Amanagallu, and Madugu mandals of the Kalvakurti constituency. Rs. He explained that 178 crores have been allocated for canal construction and Rs.160 crores have been spent. MLA Narayana Reddy brought to the attention of the House that the work was stopped in 2018 due to non-payment of Rs.

He regretted that due to the irresponsible attitude of the previous government, the works of five years were not completed and the farmers were not getting irrigation water. KLID…82 canal incomplete works should be completed quickly and the interests of farmers should be protected. Similarly, the MLA appealed to the government to immediately release Rs 40 crore to the displaced farmers who lost their lands for the construction of Halwa.


MLA Kasireddy mentioned that the Amangal Government Hospital, which is the intersection of four mandals, was reduced from 30 beds to 10 beds by the previous government, due to which the patients are facing difficulties in not getting full medical services. He stated that the hasty decision to increase the hospital to 50 beds before the elections was not implemented at the field level. Kasireddy asked to build a modern building to increase Amanagallu Hospital to 100 beds.

The construction of the Amanagalu Government Junior College building has been left incomplete due to a land dispute and the construction cost of Rs.1. He said that 50 crores have been spent. In this context, they appealed to the government to solve the land dispute complete the construction of the building, and solve the problems of the students. Minister Komati Reddy Venkata Reddy replied that he would bring the issues mentioned by MLA Narayana Reddy to the attention of the concerned departments and see to it that they are resolved as soon as possible.

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