NEET should be re-conducted: Balaji Singh

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TPCC spokesperson Balaji Singh’s key comments on the effect of alcohol on NEET youth, cricket betting and other issues.

Hyderabad (Chaitanyagalam): Telangana PCC spokesperson Balaji Singh has alleged that there were irregularities in the NEET 2024 examination conducted for admissions to medical courses. In Bihar, he admitted that the question papers had been received the day before the examination. Balaji Singh said. Balaji Singh expressed his anger that the central government is keeping silent about this happening.

He demanded that the government should immediately cancel the water test and conduct it again with complete transparency and instill confidence in the unemployed. Otherwise, Balaji Singh warned that the Congress party will fight on behalf of the students.

Meanwhile, Balaji Singh also responded to the happenings in the state of Telangana.
He said that some people in the society have lost their discretion and are committing illegal acts and the government will definitely punish them. Reacting to the murder in Narayanapet district, he said that it is deplorable that a person took his life in the property of his cousins. He reminded that the government has already ordered an inquiry into the suspension of the Essay for neglect of duty.

He said that the influence of drugs and alcohol on the youth will increase, the last government made people addicted to alcohol for nine and a half years and some people are acting recklessly because of this, the incident in Peddapally and the ganja batch attack in Yusuf Guda are examples of this.

He responded to the betting article published in Chaitanya Galam daily and said that it was shocking that such level of betting is happening in Wanaparthy. Even though a young man who played betting has changed his behavior and is away from the game, it is a heinous act to attack a shop by bookie’s. He expressed his concern that the youth are getting used to easy money and are showing interest in betting with the intention of getting money without difficulty, not only losing money in lakhs but also spending the hard earned money of their parents indiscriminately, they are getting affected by betting, gambling, alcohol and drugs.

Balajeesingh said that the government will go ahead on alcohol and drugs in a planned manner. Telangana government will control alcohol in a phased manner and said that there is no place for drugs in Telangana state. Balajeesingh explained that the Revanth Reddy government has already taken an administrative decision that the word ‘drugs’ should not be heard. Balaji Singh said that the government will not stand idly by in any matter that harms the people as things like Gutka and Pan Parak have already been banned.

Balaji Singh said that he ruled without any one policy in any aspect. Now Telangana state is a people’s government led by Revanth Reddy and there is no place for drug culture and betting under any circumstances. Singh mentioned that many innocent people are unable to lead a quality life due to betting drugs. Balaji Singh said that the government will take awareness programs to prevent the youth from falling prey to such things.

He said that he will recommend to the education department to create a curriculum in such a way as to increase humanistic values ​​from childhood.

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