Season of Mango Pickles started in summer.

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Have you tried these varieties of mango peels? With the scorching sun comes the season of mangoes, the season of avocado greens… juices to eat. The hoarders are busy going around the orchards and markets to buy good nuts.

Mango season comes with scorching sun. Juices to eat.. Time for the nuts to ripen. The hoarders are busy going around the orchards and markets to buy good nuts. This is the time for those who sell greens along with their household needs. They were engrossed in the work of making pickles in such a way that the mouths said,

“Oh, what’s the taste.. Can you eat it?” When the month of April and May comes, the mangoes are ripe, and they enjoy the taste by putting the pieces together with the dal. They make enough greens for a year and store them. Even if there is no curry at home, they add mango chili to the meal and make it tasty.

If ghee or megada is added to the greens, the taste is indescribable. In the Telugu states, mango fruit greens are prepared in different ways. It is garnished with small rasas, roses, mallika, totapuri, natu mango pods. The small juicy pods have good fiber and the chili is long-lasting and tasty. The slices are firm and the peaches are tasty with a touch of pepper and salt.


There is only one fruit.. there are many varieties..

Many types of pickles can be made with mango seeds. If you don’t want to eat, you can eat a variety of greens every day. In the past, when there were joint families, they used to have 100 to 200 mangoes in different types of green gardens. So it was suitable for a joint family. A family consists of 10 to 12 people. For all of them.. they used to prepare different types of greens according to their liking. Varieties like Ellipaya Pachdi, Avacaya Pachdi, Fenugreek Pachdi, Mukka Pachdi, Cashew Mustard, Tu Mustard are used. All these are made with mango pods but each one has a different flavor and makes you want to eat koddi. Ellipaya chili..

Mango with Ellipaya

For greening, 25 pods require three cans of chili, one can of red chillies, three cans of salt, turmeric, 1 kg of sesame oil and some fenugreek seeds. First add chilli, turmeric and salt. Pour oil in it and add fenugreek seeds. Add mango slices to it and mix. After that, the oranges should be crushed a bit. Mix everything once. This is like the Ellipaya curry is ready.

Avocado green..

For mustard greens, 25 mangoes require three cans of chili, three cans of mustard flour, three cans of salt, 1 kg of oil, fenugreek seeds and turmeric. Add chilli, mustard powder, turmeric, salt… Pour oil in it. Add mango pieces to this amount and mix. When everything is ready put it in a jar. Avocado Green is delicious and makes you want to eat it again and again.

Fenugreek is delicious. For this too, 25 mangoes require three cans of chili, two cans of fenugreek flour, three cans of salt, 1 kg of oil and turmeric. Add chilli, fenugreek powder, salt and turmeric.. Pour oil in it. Mixing mango pieces in that amount is like fenugreek. All three have the same different taste.

If eaten raw, cashew nut gives a bitter taste. For this, cut 25 mangoes and keep aside the cashew in between. Three cans of chillies, three cans of salt, enough turmeric, one kg of oil are required. Mix the cashew in the middle of the nuts. Pour some water in it.. Pour it in a bowl. Add chilli, salt and turmeric. Add oil and cashew water. If mangoes are added to it, cashew mustard is ready.

Sesame agave is also delicious. For 25 mangoes, three cans of chili, three cans of salt, turmeric and quarter kg of sesame powder should be taken for making the greens. Also keep a kg of oil ready. Add chilli, salt, turmeric and sesame powder to these. Add mami dikaya pieces in it.. pour oil. So you are ready..

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