Kai Raja Kai … the golden kings of betting in Wanaparthy!

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A group of people who are betting with their own apps.

Betting for ball to ball, betting for toss as well.

It is reported that betting of three to five crore rupees will be done for each match.

If you hit four, you get Rs.50 thousand, and if you hit six, you get Rs.1 lakh.

150 crore turnover per year ?

writing promissory notes with losers.

Cricket betting is making the youth addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Betting lovers who are betting are selling off gold of their wifes.

Youth committing suicide due to high debts.

Recently, it is reported that the bookies attacked a trader in Wanaparthy and threatened to kill him if he did not pay.

Lack of police surveillance in Wanaparthy, deteriorating peace and security in the state!

Hyderabad (Chaitanyagalam) Special Desk: If you hit a four, Rs.50 thousand, if you hit a six, this is the way cricket betting is done in Wanaparthy. Wanaparthy means Wanaparthy Fort. The first polytechnic college in the state was started in Wanaparthy. Educated people are in a higher position today. The Chief Minister of the state, Revanth Reddy, also studied here. All this is past and now Wanaparthy has become a place for betting. All the betting bookies formed a syndicate in Wanaparthy and became a mafia.

Even those who played betting three years ago and four years ago are being harassed and are being charged high interest rates. If the ball crosses the boundary in a cricket match, it is called a four, if a four is hit, four runs will be added to the account of the team as well as the player, but now in the T20 World Cup matches, a four is scored, which means that 50 thousand will be added to the accounts of some. In another match, a six off the last ball of the last over meant that the team only got six wickets, but in the accounts of some, lakhs of rupees came and went.

What do you think if someone gets 50 thousand or 1 lakh if ​​they hit a four or a six in the stadium?
This is a betting scam that is being conducted by obstructing cricket matches. While some of the cricket lovers are enjoying watching the World Cup, others are betting on the matches.


A large number of betting apps:

Sports analysts say that betting is not limited to just one aspect as a large amount of money changes hands during the IPL season Cricket World Cup season. In a match total score, innings wickets, individual score, how many runs will be scored by important players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, how many runs will be scored in one over by the bowlers, how many runs will be scored in the last ball of the innings, how many fours and how many sixes will be hit in the whole match? Power play How many runs will come in ? How many wides and how many noballs will be thrown in the match? This is how betting works in every case.

It is known that not only when the match is going on but also before the start of the betting, bets are placed on who will be the last 11 players of the team. In this regard, some apps have been specially created and direct betting is going on in them. Finally, it is known that betting is also being done in the case of toss.

It is not limited to just Cricket World Cup IPL. It is reliable information that Vanaparthi bookies are also conducting betting for foreign leagues such as Big Boss, Pakistan Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League, Women’s Cricket and Pro Kabaddi, Football. Rumors are heard that Vanaparthi, the biggest bookie in Telangana state, is operating in the district center and is encouraging some other bookies to continue their business here in special apps.

An incident that happened in Wanaparthy today is making everyone think that a young man was involved in betting a few years ago. It seems that a young man who lost a few lakhs got rid of that addiction with difficulty, but today a bookie entered his shop on the pretext of owing one lakh rupees in betting three years ago and abused him severely and threatened to kill him if he did not pay the money within two days. People are demanding that the police should carry out a thorough investigation into this matter and the betting mafia should be eradicated as the bookies force even those who have got rid of their addictions to play the game.

The fact that Wanaparthy bookies do a business of around 150 crore rupees per year through betting creates a sensation. It is reported that the bookies take people who have lost in betting to Goa and cheer them up with dinner and entertainment to make them participate in betting again.

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