JrNTR’s New Car Registration.. What Is The Price..!

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JrNTR, who is very busy with the films Devara and War 2, gave a break from all of them on Tuesday. He came to the Khairatabad RTO office for registration of his new car.

Global Star (ManOfMassesNTR) Jr NTR (#JrNTR) made a splash in Khairatabad today. Now this video is going viral on social media. He who is very busy with Devara(#Devara) and War 2 movies gave a break to all of them on Tuesday and got his own work done.

He came to the RTO office in Khairatabad for the registration of his newly purchased Mercedes-Benz Maybach model car (a luxurious and stylish black Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class car). While the price of this car in the open market ranges from Rs.3 crores to Rs. 4 crores.

On this occasion, the office officials completed the formalities with Jr NTR (#JrNTR) and signed with him. After that, NTR left the place before the fans rushed there.

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