Kalvakurti RTC Is The Hub Of Jaggery Smuggling

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Kalvakurti Chaitanya Galam Special Desk: An article published in Chaitanya Galam magazine on Tuesday in the name of smuggling jaggery in RTC buses is creating a stir in the Kalvakurti area.

Illegal raids at the center of RTC buses.

Kalvakurti RTC Depot Employees Management.

Goods prohibited by the government are freely supplied in government vehicles.

The RTC staff are fully cooperating with the smuggling of jaggery in RTC buses.

Under the authorities to transport jaggery in RTC buses?

Supply of jaggery table fearlessly while the election code is in force.

Are the public expressing suspicion that liquor is also being supplied in the same way as jaggery is being transported?

Failure of surveillance when elections are approaching?

Chaitanya’s voice is shocking in the sting operation.

Chaitanya Galam Special Desk :
An article published in Chaitanya Galam magazine on Tuesday in the name of Jaggery smuggling in RTC buses is creating a stir in the Kalvakurti region. If we go into the details, the Congress party that came to power in Telangana after the general election has launched a scheme of free travel for women in RTC buses.

Since then the collision of women passengers in RTC buses has also increased but Chaitanya Galam started research on the implementation of this scheme and public response which revealed some interesting facts. Most RTC employees are powerless to transport people to their destinations.

But Chaitanyagalam realized that there was something different in the matter as “Dalme kuch kala hai” even if the seats were empty, they did not stop even at the bus stops designated by the government, so Chaitanyagalam launched a sting operation.

In this operation, the things that are feared are known. It is known that the buses that are going without stopping at the bus stops are transporting jaggery tablets and other prohibited goods of the government. A jaggery trader from Kalvakurti town has learned that RTC buses RTC cargo vehicles with the help of RTC officials have been transporting five to ten quintals of jaggery and some amount of table every day from Hyderabad to Kalvakurti in RTC buses every Monday to Saturday incessantly since three months.

Some RTC employees are desperate for money and fully cooperate in this illegal business. The businessman used to travel by RTC bus from Kalvakurti every day and get down at Nalgonda X road and the bus returned from MGBS to Kalvakurti before reaching Nalgonda X road. He designed a prestigious medal brought by the government for the public Free travel for women in RTC bus This scheme brought a good reputation to the government and RTC organization.

But in the chief minister’s place, the RTC employees are trying to undermine this scheme and tarnish the reputation of the government and the organization. Even though the election code is in force, they are transporting prohibited items in government vehicles without counting. It raises many suspicions.

People are demanding an inquiry and action should be taken on this matter at Kalvakurti Bus Depot. When the DM tried to explain the matter, he ignored the reply saying that he would speak again.

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