BRS Government was most corrupted says Jupalli

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KCR and ex-ministers should answer on CAG report of thousands of crores of corruption, illegalities, mis-appropriation of funds under BRS regime: Minister Jupalli

  • Thousands of crores of corruption, illegalities, and misappropriation of funds in K Chandrashekar Rao rule, the CAG report is proof of this, KCR and former ministers should answer on the CAG report.
  • An inquiry will be conducted based on the CAG report
  • Irregularities in the distribution of sheep, sand mining, misappropriation of funds, and payment of bills will be investigated.
  • We will not spare anyone who has done wrong: Minister Jupally

Minister of Excise, Tourism, and Culture Jupalli Krishna Rao said that the allegations made by the Congress party on the corruption, illegalities, and misappropriation of funds during the assembly election campaign are true and the report given by the constitutional body CAG is proof of this. He said that the CAG has pointed out irregularities in the construction and management of the Kaleshwaram project during the previous BRS government. He reminded that the CAG had objected that the project had not reached its target and had put a heavy burden on the exchequer.


The CAG has clarified that the Kaleshwaram project has overstated the benefits and understated the expenditure, but the actual revenue per rupee spent is only 52 paise. He referred to the fact that the CAG had pointed out that various aspects including the applicability of price increase were not shown in the comprehensive project report and were subsequently increased. Moreover, he said that they have acted in such a way as to benefit the monopolists.

In a statement, the CAG report revealed that thousands of crores of funds were misappropriated on issues such as Gol Mall in the sheep distribution scheme, irregularities in sand mining, irregularities in the distribution of support pensions, extravagance expenses, local organizations, and revenue income. He said that the ACB investigation is already going on in the sheep distribution scheme and the CAG report has revealed that hundreds of crores of rupees of illegalities have been committed in this scheme. He said that it is appalling to see the irregularities in the sheep distribution scheme.

The CAG report stated that bikes, cars, ambulances, and auto sheep were rushed in, with 126 sheep on the bike, using the ambulance for transporting 84 sheep on a single trip and that the auto was used to transport 126 sheep.

As soon as the Congress government was formed under the leadership of Seyam Revanth Reddy, ACB and Vigilance ordered an inquiry into the corruption and illegalities during KCR’s rule, and the inquiry is continuing. On this occasion, the matter announced by Seyam Revanth Reddy was reminded.

The BRS leaders were asked if the CAG had pointed out the corruption that happened during the BRS regime, had read the report and what would say about it. Based on the CAG report, they have made it clear that they will investigate the thousands of crores of corruption and illegalities that took place during the BRS regime, and they will not spare anyone who has done something wrong.

He said that the people trusted that the Congress party would speak the truth, and thus the credibility of the Congress party had increased. But still, the BRS leaders are continuing the same attitude of arrogance, tyranny, and oppressive politics, they demanded that they come to their senses, admit their mistakes and apologize to the people of Telangana. He said that the people are not in a condition to trust you and BRS leaders do not have the moral qualification to continue in politics.
He said that in the coming parliamentary elections, people will tell you what they want and there is no chance that BRS will win even a single MP seat.

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