Black money again with the cancellation of bonds

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that demonetisation of electoral bonds will again lead to the flow of black money in the country. He said that the bonds have brought in transparency regarding election donations and now that situation is gone. Corporate companies threatened by ED, CBI to BJP

Electoral bonds have brought transparency in donations to political parties.

With the cancellation, the situation is back to the beginning. Everyone will suffer because of it

If we win 400 seats, the constitution will be changed.

There is democracy in the country. No Supreme Leader can emerge.

Allegations of misappropriation of ED and CBI. Opposition’s excuse for defeat

Only 3 per cent of ed cases are against politicians. 97 on criminals

My goal is to make India a top country by 2047.

Big decisions for the country. No one needs to be afraid.

Sanatan Dharma is also there in our Constitution

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments in an interview.

New Delhi :Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that demonetisation of bonds will again lead to the flow of black money in the country. He said that the bonds have brought in transparency regarding election donations and now that situation is gone. “There is no truth in the allegation that corporate companies were threatened by the ED and CBI and made donations to the BJP. He also accused the opposition parties of spreading misinformation that if the BJP-led NDA gets 400 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, it will change the Constitution.

“The democratic system is rooted on the ground in the country and in that case, there will be no situation where a Supreme Leader will emerge who is a threat to democracy,” he said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday gave an interview to Smita Prakash, editor-in-chief of news agency ANI.

He spoke in detail on several issues. Modi also refuted the opposition’s allegations that if the BJP wins 400 seats, it will change the constitution of the country. “The opposition parties think cunningly and want to circulate it in the country. “Electoral bonds clearly show which parties have received the funds in a transparent manner and without electoral bonds, that would not be the case,” he said.

“We have taken the country back to black money,” he said. “We don’t know where the money came from or to whom it went, so it will be a day when everyone will suffer,” he said. Modi also refuted allegations that corporate companies were threatened by the ED and the CBI to make donations to the BJP.

Out of the total 3,000 companies that bought electoral bonds, only 26 companies were investigated, he said, adding that only 37 per cent of the donations made by these firms came to the BJP and 63 per cent went to non-BJP parties. Pm Modi reacts to Congress manifesto It will completely deteriorate the country’s economy. “It will completely destroy the aspirations of the youth who will vote for the first time and destroy the future of the youth under the age of 25.

He said that during his tenure, the lives of the youth have improved and despite the financial loss, data is being provided at a cheaper price, which is bringing about a digital revolution for the youth of the country. He called upon people to vote keeping in mind the future of the country for the next 25 years.

Misuse of ED, CBI is a lie

Modi also dismissed the opposition’s allegationthat agencies like the ED and the CBI were working as per the bjp’s instructions and attempts were being made to misuse evms as well. “This is how the opposition parties are looking for reasons for their defeat in the next Lok Sabha elections. “Our government has not made any laws related to ED and CBI and all of them were framed during the Congress regime.

Only three per cent of the cases filed by the ED are against politicians and the remaining 97 per cent are against those who are not related to politics. Prior to 2014, the ED had seized only Rs 34 crore in cash, which has increased to Rs 2,200 crore in the last 10 years.

“Earlier, appointments of Election Commission (EC) commissioners were entirely at the discretion of the Prime Minister and we have changed it and we have given space to the Opposition as well,” modi said. “There have been instances where election commissioners appointed during the Congress regime were close to the family of party chiefs and some of the commissioners were given positions as Rajya Sabha members and ministers after the completion of their term,” modi said.

The BJP will not stoop to that level,” he said. “The people of the country have got an opportunity in the form of 2024 elections. There is a Congress model government that ruled for 50-60 years. On the other hand, there is my ten-year rule. Mistakes may have been made (during my tenure). But there is no lack of effort. Compare these two governments on all fronts and vote for them,” he said.

Big decisions as soon as elections are over

“My aim is to make the country a superpower by 2047 and this is the aspiration of the people of the entire country. “I don’t want to waste a single minute on this and that’s why I have been working on it since before the elections. Recalling that the work to be taken up in the first 100 days of coming to power for the third time has already been done, Hegde said this was done before the elections in 2019 as well.

“Within the first 100 days of elections, we took decisions like abrogation of Article 370 and banning triple talaq. “This time also, there will be big decisions and I will take any decision with the intention of developing the country holistically and no one should be afraid,” the Prime Minister said. “We are committed to the assembly elections and the majority of the people in the country are in support of it and have made many positive suggestions.

Poison on Sanatan Dharma

“Parties like DMK are speaking against sanatan dharma and what is the need for the Congress to work with those who spew such venom?” he asked. When the Constitution was framed, pictures of Sanatan Dharma were printed on every page and according to the Constitution, sanatan dharma was part of the government. “There is no gulf between north and south India and it is unwise to see India as separate regions.

“How many people know that Tamil Nadu is the state where the highest number of villages in India are named after Lord Ram,” he asked. He recalled that he was happy that Tamil was recognised as the oldest language in the United Nations. “People’s opposition to DMK will turn out to be in favour of the BJP.

“When I went to different states, i was criticised by the opposition parties for wearing clothes following the tradition and I was surprised to see their hatred towards me. “Since every region of the country is important to me, the G-20 summit was not confined to Delhi, but they were held in every state,” he said. Modi said he had united all the world leaders in the meetings and made the declaration passed unanimously, which surprised the entire world. Modi alleged that the BJP was not using the Ram temple as a political weapon and that it was the opposition parties who did it.

Modi is India. Is India Modi?

ANI: Whenever our camera teams go to any BJP meeting or rally, the BJP candidates and speakers there are talking about Modi. In the past, during Indira’s tenure, ‘India is Indira’. As the Congress men said, ‘Indira is India’. “Modi is India now. Do you think india means ‘Modi’?

Modi: I think modi is considered as the son of Bharat Mata. Modi is the son of Bharat Mata. You’re serving her!

Is there a threat to democracy with Modi?

ANI: What about the criticism that the more powerful Modi is, the more dangerous he is to democracy in the country?

Modi: There are 6 lakh panchayats in the country. They are governed by elected representatives. Many states. The governments of many parties are in power. In spite of all this, if anyone says that a Supreme Leader is emerging in India, I think those who say so are ignorant.

The opposition has no credibility

Modi said that his manifesto is paving the way for the upliftment of every section of the society. He participated in the election campaign in Kerala on Monday. He said the Left and the Congress, which are contesting in Thiruvananthapuram, are contesting together in Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu and urged them to reject the opposition parties which have no credibility whatsoever. Modi alleged that all the corrupt people are trying to stop him by forming an alliance.

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