CM Revanth Reddy: Bonus for Sanna.

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The government has decided to implement the scheme of giving a bonus of Rs.500 per quintal for small paddy grown by farmers in the state from the next monsoon season. It directed the agriculture officials to identify the varieties of Sanna Vadla. The decision(Bonus) to this effect was taken in the state cabinet meeting held on Monday with the permission given by the Central Election Commission(Bonus).

  • Drop water storage is not possible in Kaleswaram
  • Actions as per NDSA Interim Report
  • Water supply to farmers with temporary arrangements
  • We will buy all the wet grain
  • Compensation for crops damaged by untimely rains
  • Strict action if fake seeds are sold
  • Bonus for sannas from next mansoon,promise of bonus is fulfilled
  • Appreciation meeting for Sonia Gandhi on June 2
  • Revealed the decisions of the cabinet meeting
  • Ponguleti, Sridhar Babu, Komati Reddy

Hyderabad, May 20 (Chaithanyagalam News): The government has decided to implement the scheme(bonus) of giving a bonus of Rs.500 per quintal to small paddy grown by farmers in the state from the next monsoon season. It directed the agriculture officials to identify the varieties of Sanna Vadla (bonus). The decision to this effect was taken in the state cabinet meeting held on Monday with the permission given by the Central Election Commission(Bonus).

In a long cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, the Kaleswaram project, procurement of grain, collection of wet grain, payment of compensation for crops lost due to untimely rains, provision of facilities in schools and other issues were discussed. Ministers Ponguleti Srinivasareddy, Duddilla Sridharbabu and Komatireddy Venkat Reddy explained the decisions taken in the cabinet meeting to the reporters on Monday night.

He said that in the cabinet meeting, farmers’ crop purchases, problems in schools and interim report given by National NDSA on Kaleswaram project were discussed. Minister Ponguleti said that 36 lakh metric tons of rice is required annually in the state for mid-day meals in government schools, welfare hostels and Rs.2k per kg rice schemes. Moreover, it has been mentioned that they have promised to give thin rice during the elections. However, it has been decided to give a bonus of Rs.500 per quintal to small paddy grown by the farmers of the state without buying this small rice from outside areas from this season(bonus).

Minimum support price for wet grain.

Minister Ponguleti said that so far 36 lakh metric tons of grain has been collected by the Civil Supplies Corporation from the harvest this time in the state, and the money for this grain has been deposited in the accounts of the farmers within three days which has never been done before. In fact, there has never been a record of such early collection of grain by civil supply organizations in the country.


He stated that under the leadership of CM Revanth Reddy, not only the grain was collected, but the money was paid within three days. He said that untimely rains have been falling in the state for ten days like never before and no matter how many special precautions the government took, some grain got wet. He said that a decision has been taken in the cabinet to buy wet grain also, and instructions have been issued to the collectors to buy this also at the support price. Farmers should not worry about this.

He said that the rainy season has already started and it is the government’s idea that the farmers should not have to worry about seeds and fertilizers. It is the government’s intention to prevent fake seeds from being supplied to the farmers. CM Revanth Reddy said that strict action should be taken against those who create and sell fake seeds and give fake receipts.

Farmers are also advised to purchase seeds from the official companies and keep the receipts till the harvest is completed. Meanwhile, Minister Ponguleti revealed that the government has allocated Rs.600 crores for the infrastructure of the schools as they are going to reopen from June 12. He said that Rs.120 crore has already been given as an advance. A sub-committee has been formed under the leadership of Minister Sridhar Babu for the renovation of schools.

SDSA not to store water in barrages

Ponguleti said that the cabinet has decided not to store water in the three barrages of the Kaleswaram project for the time being. He said that this decision is being taken because the National Dam Safety Authority (NDSA) said that even a drop of water cannot be stored in these barrages.

However, in the interests of the farmers, the authorities have been ordered to look into the temporary arrangements for water supply by setting up a rack fill dam. In the case of the Kaleswaram project, it has been decided to proceed as per the instructions of the NDSA and proceed according to the experts’ instructions.

He said that the interim report given by NDSA on the Kaleswaram project clearly mentioned three points. He said that the committee said that there are leakages in Medigadda and Annaram barrages and Sundilla is also in danger. He said that except the gates of these three barrages should be kept open, not even a drop of water should be stored in any of the barrages. It has been revealed that they cannot say whether the Medigadda barrage will be repaired or the funds will be spent.

Stating that dam safety tests should be done with three companies instead of one company, the committee has suggested three companies belonging to the central government. He said that the cabinet has decided to repair the barrages after taking the opinions of two of these three. He clarified that the government’s plan is to provide water through temporary arrangements as per the suggestions of experts so that the money spent by the previous government is not wasted.

Kaleswaram repairs are done by the contracting company

In reply to a question, Minister Ponguleti Srinivasareddy said that in the case of the Kaleswaram project, the contract company is responsible and that company will have to do the repairs. He warned that the wrongdoers will be punished in the matter of giving stolen certificates to L&T. He said that if pumping from Medigadda is not possible… it is not the intention of the government to trouble the farmers and the same issue has been discussed in the cabinet.

The government’s aim is to stand by the poor and middle class families in the matter of controlling the fees of private schools. They will think of reopening 6000 closed schools. Will the former CM be invited to the state’s birth ceremony? When asked… Minister Sridhar Babu said that everyone will be invited.

Congratulations to Sonia

Ponguleti said that since it will be ten years since Sonia Gandhi gave Telangana state on June 2, it has been decided in the cabinet to felicitate her on the state’s foundation day. This decision was taken as per the suggestion of Deputy CM Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka. In addition, it has been decided to invite all the elders who have worked for the achievement of the state and honor them in an open meeting and write a letter to the EC for permission. He said that his government was formed for the people and the opposition was only tears of crocodile.

Minister Sridhar Babu said that his government’s priorities are agriculture, education and the promises made to the people.

He said that the farmers are continuing to collect grain, keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the farmers in the past decade, without a single grain being wasted. It has been mentioned that the crop which has reached the market will also be purchased at the minimum support price(bonus).

He said that the education system in the state was neglected by the previous BRS government and they have decided to show change in the coming period in terms of school, technical and higher education. It is stated that it is decided to create great human resources in the coming period. Meanwhile, Minister Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy said that whatever he wants to say, he will say it on June 5.

Everyone knows which government has love for farmers. No matter how many dramas are made in the name of dharnas, he said that 99.9 percent grain collection has been completed in his Nalgonda district. He said that the collection was stopped due to rains in some parts of Bhuvanagiri and North Telangana and the CM ordered to complete it within a week. He said that the previous government had implemented the loans under Rs.1 lakh in six installments and they are going to waive off the loans before August 15.

He criticized that 5600 schools were closed in the last ten years and not a single DSC was conducted. He said that this is the Indiramma government which has put a budget of Rs.20 thousand crores in the education sector.

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