National Highways are Bleeding.

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Government should take measures to prevent road accidents.
Around 600 deaths on the Hyderabad-Srisailam national highway during the year.
Families on the road.
Infants becoming orphans.
The government should immediately take measures to prevent damage.
Public awareness sessions should be held on the dangers.
Special drink and drive tests should be conducted.
The Hyderabad Srisailam road should be widened into a four lane road immediately and a divider should be constructed.
Nagar Kurnool ZP Vice Chairman, Telangana PCC Spokesperson Thakur Balaji Singh comments on road accidents.

Hyderabad (Chaitanyagalam) Special Desk: Nagar Kurnool ZP Vice Chairman and TPCC Spokesperson Thakur Balaji Singh reacted to the regular road accidents on Hyderabad-Srisailam National Highway and Kodada-Jadcharla Highway.

In a special interview given to Chaitanyagalam daily, he said that in recent times due to the lack of dividers on the national highways, road accidents have become routine due to the increase in traffic on Hyderabad-Srisailam National Highway and Kodada-Jadcharla National Highway due to excessive speed of motorists. He expressed his concern that it will come.

He lamented that a situation has arisen where it is not clear whether to rejoice that the roads have been improved or to be sad that people are dying in road accidents all the time. Even though all this is happening, it is surprising to see the officials who are counting on taking measures to prevent damage. He expressed his amazement.

He said that 600 people have died in accidents on these roads during the year and this is a matter to be taken seriously. He said that 600 people died means that 600 families have fallen on the road.

He stated that there are laws for the government to support the families when other abnormal deaths occur in the system, but there is a need for the government to ensure and support the families of those who died in road accidents. Even if the money comes through insurance, it does not meet the needs of the family, he said.

He said that the government and the authorities should take immediate measures to control the accidents happening on the national highway, and the authorities should make a plan for the same and talk to the government and take the responsibility of converting them into laws.


Speaking on the occasion, Balaji Singh gave several instructions to the officials of the transport department and other departments.

He suggested that drive test tracks should be modernized so that transport officials take more precautions while issuing licenses to motorists and allot licenses only to those who are eligible.

He stated that the driving of vehicles by minors has increased tremendously and there is a need for the authorities to act strictly and take strict laws in this regard.

He said that the governments are not in a position to take back the alcohol that has spread to the public, and it is the responsibility of the authorities to create complete awareness against driving under the influence of alcohol.

Balaji Singh said that special drunk and drive camps should be organized and a system should be set up at the tollgates to conduct drunk and drive tests, and a law should be made to immediately arrest those driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol and seize their vehicles immediately.

He suggested that digital meters should be installed to indicate the speed of the motorists, that they should set up sign boards for speed control, and that sign boards should be raised on dangerous bends to make the motorists fully aware of the speed limit.

He said RTC management should give special training to RTC drivers and staff as RTC buses are also running at extreme speed and causing accidents.

He appealed to the central government to immediately expand the Hyderabad-Srisailam National Highway into four-lane roads and establish a divider in the middle.

He said that technology should be added to the control of road accidents to take necessary measures to control vehicles going at excessive speed. He suggested that two-wheeler riders should wear helmets.

Nagar Kurnool ZP Vice Chairman Balaji Singh said that the authorities should coordinate the concerned departments and prepare short term and long-term plans for the control of accidents on national highways and submit it to the government immediately in the form of a report.

The officials of the education department were advised to include safety in the curriculum and bring awareness about the procedures followed in case of accidents from the student stage itself.

Balaji Singh said that accidents are also happening due to commercial vehicles that come on the roads with weight exceeding the limit and officials should also focus on them.

Balaji Singh called upon the people to play their role in preventing accidents as a social responsibility.

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