High Alert In Uttarakhand, 6 Dead, Curfew In Haldwani

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In Uttarakhand, there was a commotion over the removal of encroachments at Bambulpura in Haldwani on Thursday evening.

Later in the evening, the administration issued orders to shoot the assailants in the legs. Six people died during this time. The administration imposed a curfew in the city.

Uttarakhand Haldwani violence live: There was a ruckus over the eviction of encroachments in Bambulpura, Haldwani on Thursday evening.

Later in the evening, the administration issued orders to shoot the assailants in the legs. Six people died during this time. The administration imposed a curfew in the city.

02:09 PM, 09-FEB-2024

After the Haldwani incident, the police in Kotdwar were alerted. Suspicious people keep an eye on everyone. They are paying full attention to not spoiling the environment. All police stations in Pauri district were forcibly summoned to Kotdwar.

01:23 PM, 09-FEB-2024


CM Dhami asked the ADG Law and Order and District Magistrate Nainital to take strict action against those responsible for the incident and establish peace and security in the area. 

He said that every rioter involved in arson and stone pelting should be identified and action should be taken against them. The Chief Minister has issued clear instructions to take strict action against those playing with law and order in the state.

12:55 PM, 09-FEB-2024

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami directed ADG Law and Order AP Anshuman to camp in the affected area to restore law and order in the Banbhulpura area of ​​Haldwani.

The Chief Minister ordered strict action against the miscreants who attacked the police, administration officials, and staff during the removal of the illegal structures and took strict action against the unrest in the area.

While holding a high-level meeting at the Chief Minister’s residence, the Chief Minister directed the top officials to be in constant coordination with the District Magistrate of Nainital.

12:30 PM, 09-FEB-2024

Haldwani violence spokesperson IG Nilesh Anand Bharne said three people were confirmed dead in the violence. The situation is constantly being monitored. Many people were arrested. He also advised to visit the sensitive areas of the state.

11:56 AM, 09-FEB-2024

After violence broke out, paramilitary forces took charge in Haldwani. Heavy forces were brought in from six districts. The police started marking for the assailants. The army will also arrive by tomorrow

11:28 AM, 09-FEB-2024

The DM said that the anarchist forces have committed this incident and for the last 15-20 days we have taken action against the encroachments at various places in Haldwani and before that, we have taken action as per the orders of the High Court.

The government has also set up a district-level task force to remove illegal encroachments.

It is suggested to protect the government properties. Legal action was taken everywhere. We listened to everyone’s words and moved forward.

It is not aimed at any specific asset. No attempt was made to provoke anyone, but some mischievous forces organized the incident.

11:03 AM, 09-FEB-2024

District Magistrate Vandana speaking in a press conference on the violence in Haldwani said that the attacks were carried out in three ways yesterday.

First, there was stone pelting. Later, they set the petrol pump on fire and set the police station on fire.

Yesterday also our security arrangements were completed. The District Magistrate said that a municipal corporation team had gone to clean the burnt site of the police station. Security arrangements are complete.

10:11 AM, 09-FEB-2024

To demolish the illegal madrasa and religious place built in Malik Garden, a team of municipal corporations, administration and police entered the area without an aerial survey.

Despite the protests on February 4, the police, administration, and municipal corporation team took the matter lightly.

In many cases, the police force monitored by drones could not even conduct an aerial survey before taking action.

09:53 AM, 09-FEB-2024

The police have been alerted in the wake of the protests and increased patrolling in sensitive areas.

Patrolling has been increased in the sensitive areas of the police station in the district where there is a mixed population. Also, two companies and two platoons of PAC have been sent to Haldwani.

Hearing on ban on demolition notice The High Court is scheduled to hear on February 14 the petition for a ban on demolition notice of encroachment in the Malik Thota and Acchan Thota area.

The case was heard by Justice Pankaj Purohit.

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09:43 AM, 09-FEB-2024

Police from other districts were not aware of the situation and the police forces who entered the narrow streets of Bumblepura to chase away the miscreants were seen trapped in their trap.

Stones were pelted on the police from the roofs of the houses. Instead of going into the streets, the police somehow reached the main road.

According to experts, the police forces sent to Bumblepura are from other districts or other police stations and are not familiar with the area.

Complying with the orders of the authorities, the force entered but got caught in the Chakravyuham, due to which even life was in danger.

09:30 AM, 09-FEB-2024

Water cannon and aerial firing did not stop the miscreants who saw the fire department vehicle that reached the Bulbulpura area to douse the fire immediately started pelting stones.

The police tried to stop the assailants by spraying water with water cannon guns. But the stoning increased without abatement.

09:27 AM, 09-FEB-2024

After the aerial fire was fired more than 350 times, the police force managed to escape and reach the main road after getting caught in the stone pelting from the vicinity of Malik Garden.

But here also Bumblepura police station was set on fire. The miscreants also set fire to the vehicle of the firemen who came to douse the fire.

Later, the police fired in the air to disperse the miscreants. On this occasion, the police fired hundreds of rounds in the air with AK 47, SLR, and pistol.

Even after this, stones were pelted and people were shot in their legs.

According to information, the police team fired more than 350 rounds to drive away the miscreants. After that, they started going from there to there.

06:58 PM, 08-FEB-2024

What Happened When

At 3:00 p.m., teams gathered near Banbhulpura police station to remove encroachments.
At 4:23 the team left with the police.
At 4:30 the team reached Malik’s garden.
At 4:40 people gathered at the occupation site.

People started protesting at 4:42 p.m.
At 4:44 people started removing the barricades put up by the police.
At 4:51 p.m. the JCB was stopped by the detectives.
At 4:55 p.m. scuffles broke out and stone pelting ensued.

At 5:17 pm, the encroachment and demolition operations started.
At 5:20 the crowd broke the JCB.
At 5:24 pm the police fired tear gas shells at the protesters.
At 5:35 the miscreants set the vehicles on fire.

Police were injured at 5:54 p.m.
At 6:30 the miscreants set fire to the police station.
At 7:00 the injured policeman was taken to the hospital.
At 7:30, the CM sat down and ordered the illegals to be shot.
A curfew order was issued in the city at 7:48 p.m.
At 7:55 hrs more reinforcements reached Haldwani from Udham Singh Nagar

Haldwani violence live: High alert in Uttarakhand…Paramilitary forces take over…CM meeting

Locals attacked a police and administration team that went to demolish an illegal madrassa and religious place in Malik Garden in the Bumblepura area of ​​Haldwani.

City Magistrate Richa Singh Ramnagar Kotwal, more than 300 policemen and corporation staff were injured in the stone pelting.

The miscreants also set Bumblepura police station on fire. Several two-wheelers including a police jeep and a JCB fire engine were burnt.

As the situation could not be brought under control despite tear gas shells and baton charges, the first officers ran away from the spot to save their lives.

The police and the corporation team somehow left the place. The administration ordered to shoot the miscreants on sight. Six people including father and son died due to bullet injuries. A curfew was imposed in the city.

A police jeep and several vehicles were set on fire
Under police protection, a Municipal Corporation team arrived at 4:00 pm on Thursday to demolish the illegal madrasa and religious place built in Malik’s garden.

As the JCB came towards the place of worship illegally, the surrounding people pelted stones in anger. The police and corporation teams were surrounded from three sides.

Amidst stone pelting, the crowd broke the JCB and set fire to the police jeep and several vehicles. 150 policemen were injured in stone pelting.

The police also resorted to the lathi charge. But the police personnel became troubled as stones were thrown from the roofs.

To prevent the police from entering, the mobs set fire to tires in front of the streets and camped on the road.

While the police were dealing with the miscreants, on the other hand, some people set Bumblepura police station on fire. As the officials left the place, the police and corporation team became leaderless and somehow escaped.

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