Defamation suit against journalists who made baseless allegations.

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Wanaparthy district president of Sagara Sangam and A-1 contractor Tirupataiah Sagar are suing for defamation.

Wanaparthy Chaitanya Galam Spokesperson: Sagara Sangam Wanaparthy district president and A-1 contractor Tirupataiah Sagar said that he is filing a defamation suit against the journalists who made baseless allegations regarding the double bedroom houses of journalists and complained to the police.

In a media conference organized at Wanaparthy District Center on Friday, Tirupataiah Sagar said that the journalists from Chinnam Bavi Mandal made baseless allegations against him regarding the construction of 25 double bedroom houses in the suburbs of Pedda Dagada Village of Chinnambai Mandal of Wanaparthy District and damaged his reputation. They demanded to see the evidence that it was given.

He said that in the year 2022, through the tenders of the Panchayat Raj Department, we have got an agreement for the construction of 20 bedroom houses and so far, works worth Rs.95 lakh have been done at the construction site. Journalists are spreading false propaganda that he has defrauded him of Rs.2.28 crore, who has flawlessly executed contract works worth hundreds of crores of rupees across the state for nearly 35 years.

The four journalists who came forward representing 20 journalists from Chinnambai mandal said that it is not reasonable to make baseless allegations against him because of their solidarity or intuition. He told the journalists that he is ready to give double the money if he proves that he has taken the money. He warned that the journalists who are making accusations should show evidence, otherwise they will file defamation lawsuits against the journalists.

Sagara Sangam State Steering Committee Chairman RV Anjaneyu, Vice Presidents Chiluka Satyam, Palle Satyanarayana, Vanaparthi District Sagara Sangam Joint Secretary Vishnu, leaders Srinivasulu, Janardhan, Chenna Rayudu and others participated in this program.

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