Israel’s retaliatory attacks on Iran Shocking facts in the US report

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Israel has warned of retaliation for attacks on them. Iran was attacked in the early hours of Friday, as it had warned. Isfahan, the main hub of nuclear and military bases. Israel has launched drones, quadcopters and missiles.

Israel has warned of retaliation for the attacks on them. Iran launched a ambush in the early hours of Friday, just as he had warned. Isfahan , the main center of nuclear and military bases ( Isfahan ). Israel has launched drones, quadcopters and missiles. If so.. It is learnt that there was not much damage in the attacks. Iran has so far not responded to the attacks, but US officials have concluded that israel’s retaliatory attack was genuine. Satellite imagery at the site of the attack was examined. Interesting things have come to light.

These satellite photos. Northeast of Isfahan International Airport shows the battery of the ‘S-300 Surface-Air Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense System’. Thereby.. The photos also showed the S-300 Defence System, which was placed in an undisclosed location on April 15. But.. The latest ‘Google Earth photo’ shows an untraceable space of the S-300 missile defense system since April 19. Whereas.. The missile system consists of a number of vehicles equipped with missile launchers, radar and other equipment, the BBC said in a report. According to the BBC, drones and missiles launched by Israel hit the defense system.

If so.. Two Iranian officials said there was no attack. Drones, missiles and planes. The Iranian military did not detect any of them entering its airspace, he said. Not only that.. Their claims were also supported by Iran’s state media agency IRNA. It said there were no attacks and that Iran’s air defence system had not been activated. But.. Satellite images analysed by the BBC and the New York Times show that Iran’s defence system has been damaged. According to reports, Israel carried out the attack to send a message to Iran that it could carry out the attack without being recognised by the defence establishments.

In the meantime.. On May 13, Iran launched more than 300 drones and missiles at Israel, which has been attacking Israel in Gaza with the aim of ending Hamas. Since then, Israel has been burning with vengeance. It appears that the latest attacks have been carried out in this order. But.. Iran has denied this. Some suspicious objects were found in their airspace. They were shot down with anti-aircraft guns and the explosions took place during the incident, it said. The country’s state-run IRNA said three drones had been shot down.

Isfahan is Iran’s third-largest city. The main center for nuclear and military bases. Military bases, research centers and nuclear centers are located here. Thereby.. Iran’s main air base is also located here. In addition to this.. The city of Natanz, where the nuclear refinery is located near the area, is located. A large number of drone and ballistic missile manufacturing factories are also located here. That’s why israel seems to have targeted this city.

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