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special intelligence branch (SIB)-based phone tapping case has now hit the suburban commissionerate as well. The name of Radhakishan Rao, who had earlier served as the DCP of the Hyderabad Task Force, has come to light. The role of the DCP, who was in-charge of the Task Force Model Cell (SOT) in the suburban commissionerate, has been identified by the investigating officers. 

Verdict on custody of tapping accused today

A close relative of the elders of the previous government!!

Even if it is a non-cadre. Key Postings

Panjagutta police have recently identified

Role of 15 SIB officers in tapping

Notices to them today. The special teams are doing their jobs. Earning crores of rupees

The recording was heard and threats and attacks. Phone tappings in AP

Tapping centre adjacent to police station in Mahabubnagar

War room in Kamareddy for BRS chief KCR’s victory

Hyderabad/City, Kamareddy, Mellachervu, March 27 (ANI): The special intelligence branch (SIB)-based phone tapping case has now hit the suburban commissionerate as well. The name of Radhakishan Rao, who had earlier served as the DCP of the Hyderabad Task Force, has come to light. The role of the DCP, who was in-charge of the Task Force Model Cell (SOT) in the suburban commissionerate, has been identified by the investigating officers. Even if it is a non-cadre officer. He has reportedly served as DCP of almost all the zones in the commissionerate, which are crucial in terms of real estate. The Panjagutta police suspect that the officer along with his team was involved in illegal collection of crores of rupees.

They are crucial zones in terms of real estate. According to reports, land deals, settlements and loyalties have been made as claimed by the heads of the government. The DCP is a close relative of the previous government officials.

Even a CP-level officer is believed to have paid little attention to his actions. As per the instructions of the DCP, Praneeth Rao from the SIB The Panjagutta police have collected prima facie evidence that the phones of construction and pharma companies, celebrities and big traders were tapped. The DCP saw the dandas on the outskirts. It is learnt that Radhakishan Rao played a key role in Hyderabad and was found to have collected crores of rupees through blackmails.

15 actors in SIB

Investigators have found that 15 officers and staff who served in the SIB have links with the case. All of them seem to have been rooted in intelligence for years. Some have retired at the sp and dsp level. Continued as OSDs. They also seem to be key players in the tapping case. On the instructions of SIB chief Prabhakar Rao and praneeth rao’s instructions, they stayed in war rooms in the districts. It is clear that the tapping matters have been sorted out. A day after the election results were announced, Praneeth Rao’s computers and hard tissues were destroyed.

It appears that some of these 15 people were involved in disposing of their debris. The investigating officers are preparing to issue notices to all of them and interrogate them. Bhujanga Rao, Thirupathanna and Praneeth Rao’s custody were granted permission by the court. Each of them separately. Together.. It is learnt that the above mentioned 15 people will be made to sit in front and questioned. The officials are also focusing on the inspectors and SSIs who helped these 15 people in their respective districts.

Tapping that touched neighbouring states

Investigating officers have found that the SIB-based phone tapping case has also hit neighbouring states. It has already been found that the phones of top Congress leaders were tapped during the Karnataka elections. Recently, it has come to light that some leaders were targeted in AP and their phones were being monitored. It is learnt that temporary server rooms have been set up in the border districts of Telangana for this purpose. In the combined Palamuru district, the adda has been set up in the suburbs. It is reported that tappings have been made. If so.. Who has been targeted in AP? Which party are they targeting ? The details are yet to be known.

Verdict on custody plea today

The arguments on the petition filed by panjagutta police in nampally court seeking police custody of Bhujanga Rao, Thirupathanna and Praneeth Rao were completed on Tuesday. The court directed the lawyers of the accused to file a counter petition on Wednesday. The lawyers representing the accused sought another day’s time. The judge adjourned the verdict to Thursday.

Tremors in Mellachervu..

Phone tapping tremors have also come to light in Mellachervu in Suryapet district. There are allegations that a referendum set up for an industry there is the focus of tapping. Additional SP Thirupathanna, who was arrested by the Panjagutta police in connection with the tapping case. Another DSP Srinivasa Naidu was also present on the occasion. The two had reached Mellachervu three days earlier. They are accused of tapping the phones of locals, public representatives, people’s organisation leaders and local media persons who are opposed to the industry.

There is now talk in the mandal that those who are expected to agitate in the extremes have been identified in advance through phone tapping and arrested overnight. Nagarjuna, a local lawyer, asked why the Hyderabad authorities had come here. The then Suryapet SP Rajendra Prasad was asked for details under the Right to Information Act. Kodada DSP Prakash gave a written reply. Additional personnel have been brought in from Hyderabad to bandobast to avoid any agitation, he said. If so.. It was because of the good relations between the then SIB chief Prabhakar Rao and the owner of the industry. It appears that tappings were carried out to show that the referendum was going well.

For KCR’s victory in Kamareddy.

In the recent assembly elections, brs chief and then CM KCR along with Gajwel. It is known that he contested from Kamareddy. Revanth Reddy, the current CHIEF Minister and then leader of the opposition, was also present at Kodangal. He contested the assembly elections from Kamareddy. Both of them took the victory from Kamareddy as a prestigious one. Former DSP Praneeth Rao’s investigation revealed that a phone-tapping gang had set up a war room at Vidyanagar in Kamareddy to track the movements of opponents for KCR’s victory.

According to reports, a prominent leader of the BRS was in charge of the war room and from here the phones of top Congress leaders were tapped. In this order.. Revanth Reddy’s brother Kondal Reddy, Kamareddy vice-chairperson Indupriya and companies belonging to a Congress leader in Nizamsagar Road area were raided by the police. The phones of five key Congress leaders were tapped from here.

Victims approaching the police!

The victims in the phone tapping case are coming out one by one. in Mahabubnagar district. Several victims approached the police alleging that the phone tapping took place at the centre of a building adjacent to a police station. It appears that the building belongs to a former minister’s benami. Even those who were opposition leaders at that time have been complaining that their phones have been tapped one by one. In Kamareddy too, several Congress leaders are said to be ready for complaints. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) is expected to be set up to probe the matter.

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