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Russia Is Power With 1 Tradition of Statecraft: Jaishankar


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Highlighting the current geopolitical developments and their consequences, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Friday said Russia is a power with a vast tradition of statecraft and it is turning more towards Asia or non-Western parts of the world.

At an interactive session at the Russian Dialogue, S Jaishankar, while replying to a question on Moscow’s growing closeness with Beijing, said it makes sense to give Russia multiple options and turn it into a single option and criticize it for this is a mistake in its own right. You will have the same. -Fulfilling the prophecy.

“I think it makes sense to give Putin multiple options,” he said. “If we lump Russia into a single option and say this is bad because this is the outcome, then you are making it a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“Today it is important for other countries, especially in Asia, to engage with Russia,” Mr Jaishankar said.

“Russia is a power with a vast tradition of statecraft,” he said. Such forces will never bind themselves in a relationship of a heavy nature. This would be against their thinking.”

The External Affairs Minister was asked to comment on the deepening of relations between Russia and China and whether India is uncomfortable with it.

“What has happened with Russia today is that a lot of doors have been closed for Masco and the West,” he said. We know the reason. “Putin is turning more toward Asia or parts of the world that are not the West.”

The Foreign Minister suggested that the West’s policies were bringing Russia and China closer.

“It’s strange – on one hand you have people who set policies (and) bring the two together and then you say be careful about them coming together,” he said.

This question was asked by Michael Fullilove, executive director of Australia’s Lowy Institute.

Mr Jaishankar’s comments come days after he said India has had a “stable” and “very friendly” relationship with Russia and Moscow has never harmed New Delhi’s interests.

Relations between India and Russia remained strong despite Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.


Despite the growing uneasiness regarding this in many Western countries, India’s import of Russian crude oil has increased significantly.

India has not yet condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and has been saying that the crisis should be resolved through diplomacy and dialogue.

In his remarks, Mr Jaishankar also highlighted India’s G20 presidency and how it ensured the inclusion of the African Union as a permanent member of the grouping.

He said that if the G20 can be expanded, then the permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council can also be expanded.

“When the smoke clears and people look back at this G20, there will certainly be recognition of the fact that membership of the African Union was agreed,” he said.

The External Affairs Minister also highlighted India’s foreign policy priorities, including efforts to fight terrorism and ensure inclusive global well-being.

It could be millet, it could be yoga, it could be solar energy, it could be counter-terrorism, it could be black money. He said, today you see an India which is making efforts to bring itself and its ideas to the global stage.

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