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Kadiam Srihari And Daughter Kavya Are In Congress

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In the presence of Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and AICC in-charge Deepadas Munshi, BRS MLA and former minister Kadiyam Srihari and his daughter Kadiyam Kavya joined the Congress. Deepadas Munshi invited them into the party by covering them with a scarf.

Hyderabad:  BRS MLA and former minister Kadiyam Srihari and his daughter Kadiyam Kavya joined the Congress in the presence of Chief Minister Revanth Reddy AICC in-charge Deepadas Munshi. Deepadas Munshi invited them into the party by covering them with a scarf.

Earlier, along with daughter Kavya, Kadiam Srihari went to CM Revanth’s residence on Sunday morning. After talking to CM Revanth Reddy and Deepadas Munshi for a while there, the Congress took the oath of office.

Station Ghanpur BRS MLA Kadiam Srihari said that he did not want his daughter, who is entering the election ring for the first time, to contest on behalf of a losing party. That is why he is thinking about changing the party. He said that he received a call from the Congress party to contest from the Warangal Lok Sabha seat, and AICC representatives came to his residence and invited him to join the party.

But he said that he will tell the constituency leaders and activists that he will tell them his decision only after asking them. Kadiam Srihari made it clear that he will join the Congress along with his daughter Kavya in the presence of CM Revanth Reddy at 11 am on Sunday. He said that Kavya will contest as Warangal Congress parliamentary candidate.

On Saturday, Kadiam Srihari had a meeting with the leaders and activists of Station Ghanpur constituency at his residence in the Ministers Quarters. His daughter Kadiam Kavya also participated in this meeting. On this occasion, Srihari sought the opinion of the activists regarding joining the Congress. Constituency leaders said that ‘whatever decision you take, we will support you’.

Speaking on this occasion, Kadiam Srihari said that the BRS party is currently facing ups and downs and the leaders are confused. Aruri Ramesh said that he gave Warangal ticket to Kadyam Kavya because he did not want it, and even though the party was in turmoil, they said that they wanted to contest. But many leaders in the joint Warangal district have left the party and joined other parties and the party has become weak in the district, he said.

Even if we are in power, we are like the opposition

Kadiam Srihari said that even though the party has been in power for ten years, the leaders and activists who are with him are the same as in the opposition. They said that they are either in power or in the opposition. They said that they did not want Kadiam Kavya, who is contesting for the first time, to contest from a losing party.

He expressed his concern that he was being criticized even before he changed the party. He said that the BRS party did no injustice to anyone, but when Tatikonda Rajaiah, Aruri Ramesh, Pasunuri Dayakar changed the party, no one spoke, but now everyone is speaking. He reminded that some people were asked to join the party even though the Congress went around their houses for months but they did not join, but it was the party itself who came to his house and asked them to join the party.

He said that he did not commit a single mistake during the 10-year reign of BRS, he did not commit any corruption or illegality, he did not commit real estate and land grabbing, and he did not establish private universities. He said that no one has the moral right to criticize him. He said that there was not a single case against him in his 30-year political career. He said that many people have obstructed the party and the government and accumulated property in a wasteful way. Kadiam Srihari asked the leaders to bless his daughter as they blessed him.

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